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Welcome at Fidelity Consulting!

Fidelity Consulting is an independent, Yerevan based Armenian law firm with a strong international focus. We specialized in corporate law, international business law, and commercial and employment law.

Fidelity’s founders all have worked for large traditional Armenian law firms. Our client base comprises large and medium sized Armenian and foreign companies, whereby in particular clients from the UK and EU.

Fidelity Consulting renders legal services at the highest quality standard. We strongly believe in a multi-disciplinary, result oriented practical approach and do not merely focus on the legal issues. We favor a personal approach, aimed at the needs and desires of our clients. 

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Practice Areas

Fidelity Consulting advises in over 10 areas of law. Our firm’s strength as a full-service law firm gives you the depth of knowledge and experience required to address legal issues as they arise 


Merges & Acquisitions

When it comes to complex transactions, you need advisers with deep knowledge, vast experience and global reach. As one of the world’s most active transactional firms, Fidelity Consulting brings a unique global and strategic perspective to help preserve and optimise deal benefits.

Lawyers our firm with authentic knowledge of local regulations and transaction management procedures in varied deal contexts. Whether you are buying or selling, entering into a joint venture, or making a strategic investment, we approach each transaction with legal, financial and business fluency, offering sound and practical advice at every stage.

Collaborating across borders and legal areas, we bring the right know-how and experience to anticipate and resolve issues in all involved jurisdictions. We put our clients at the very heart of everything we do and work tirelessly to ensure that clients' commercial objectives are met through the contracts we draft and negotiate.

Our expertise in this area includes:

  • shareholders agreements
  • venture capital
  • financial assistance
  • letters of Intent, Memoranda of Understanding
  • joint-ventures and other corporate alliances
  • buyer and Vendor Due Diligence
  • management and leveraged buy-outs and buy-ins
  • acquisitions, divestitures
  • pre- and post-deal structuring
  • private equity
  • privatization

Corporate Structuring

Our corporate restructuring practice involves the following areas, both domestically and internationally:

  • sale and acquisition transactions involving shares, assets, entire businesses and business lines
  • (cross-border) mergers, transfers of businesses and branches of activity
  • share buy-back schemes
  • capital increases and reductions
  • equity & dividend-stripping advice and implementation
  • simplification of group structures and single-entity projects
  • establishing branches; converting them into subsidiaries and vice versa
  • company liquidations
  • advising on corporate governance models and issues (e.g. setting up executive and daily management bodies; directors' liability)
  • general corporate legal advice and compliance

Banking & Finance

The firm helps to resolve any problems arising in this industry. We advise clients on the type of structure and documentation.

We lend assistance in all phases of a transaction. This includes establishing a structure, assisting in the preparation of an information memorandum and term sheet, performing due diligence, and negotiating, documenting and closing the transaction. Our team operates on complex and innovative financing transactions at both a regional and national level. We act for banks, government agencies and corporates.

Our expertise includes:

  • project finance
  • secured lending relating to investment property and developments
  • trade finance
  • asset based lending

Contracts & Commercial Law

Our lawyers have experience in advising directors of companies alike as to best corporate governance practice in light of legislation and the various best practices.

Our lawyers provide a full range of corporate and commercial legal services. Our services include entity formation and planning; drafting and negotiating operating, partnership and shareholder agreements; strategic legal and business advice; contract interpretation; counseling clients with respect to any and all such matters that are relevant to the life and development of a business. We take great pride in serving all clients, large and small, with the same enthusiasm and dedication.

Our expertise in this area includes:

  • agency and distribution
  • general terms and conditions
  • commercial litigation
  • customer relations
  • corporate finance
  • franchising
  • insolvency
  • Private International Law
  • international sale and purchase of goods
  • intra-group agreements
  • partnership
  • product liability

Employment Law

Fidelity Consulting acts for both employers and employees in providing a complete range of legal services in the employment field.

We prepare employment contracts, consultancy agreements, and assist both employer and employee clients in dealing with issues arising from redundancy situations or the termination of employment. We act for both employers and employees in disputes, for example, over terms and conditions, in unfair dismissal cases, etc.

Fidelity Consulting advises on all aspects of employment law, ranging from maternity rights to sick pay, and assists clients in the implementation of grievance, performance or disciplinary procedures and the creation of employee share option schemes.

Our expertise in this area includes:

  • general employment and social security related issues
  • employment and assignment contracts
  • employment litigation
  • termination of employment contracts
  • international (cross-border) employment issues
  • outsourcing
  • collective dismissals


The litigation process can be turbulent and full of uncertainties.
Our company can help clear the uncertainty of litigation through detailed and focused attention to our client needs and expectations, since the firm's lawyers have extensive experience.

We understand that our litigation clients have different legal and business objectives—to solve a problem, to right a wrong, to protect a product or reputation, to limit financial exposure. We work closely with clients to develop a strategy that meets their business needs. Mindful of the costs and burdens of litigation, our lawyers attempt to assist clients in resolving disputes short of litigation, if possible.

Litigation before the competent state or arbitration courts of the proper jurisdiction is sometimes inevitable when negotiations fail. In such a case, you need a team of experts to rely on, being able to protect your interests in the most beneficial and effective way.

Our experience on dispute management and litigation will be an effective “remedy” to your problems.

Experted Attorneys

We work hard to understand our clients’ plans and objectives. Then we put together the right team, with the right mix of skills, languages and experience, to help our clients get to where they want to be as easily and cost-effectively as possible.

We’re obsessed with excellence and clear communication is vital to what we do. Our lawyers work closely with our clients, to make sure that they always know what’s going on and that everything is delivered on time.

Our lawyers are passionate about legal advise and bring enthusiasm and commitment to every case they work on. We care about our clients and always go the extra mile to ensure that everything is ‘just right'.

Armen M. Melkumyan
Armen M. Melkumyan
CEO/Managing Partner

Armen Melkumyan is a Member of Bar Association.

LLM from American University of Armenia (2003); LLM from Vrije University of Amsterdam (2008)

Armen Melkumyan’s area of practice is Corporate Law, Securities Regulation Law, Litigations and Mining & Environmental Law.

Combination of experience of legal adviser in international project and work experience in law firm allows him to understand deeply commercial peculiarity of clients business and to satisfy needs of clients on high professional level. Armen Melkumyan has 23-years work experience that includes consulting of international companies on broad range of issues. Armen Melkumyan specializes in areas of Mining & Environmental Law, Corporate law, Investment law, and Securities Regulation law .

Being senior legal adviser in local law firm, he has been advising a wide range of the largest international corporations in drafting shareholders agreements, contracts and legal servicing of investment projects, on the issues of project financing, corporate mergers and acquisitions etc. His practice also includes legal consultancy to a number of high profile local clients in different areas.


Ara Hayrapetyan
Ara Hayrapetyan

Ara Hayrapetyan graduated from the Yerevan State University Department of Law in 1996 with Law Diploma (JD equivalent).

Ara Hayrapetyan a Member of Bar Association.

Hayrapetyan worked in the Legal Department of the Securities Commission of the Republic of Armenia as Chief Specialist, then he worked as the Deputy Head of Legal Department of Armenia’s Ministry of Labor And Social Affairs.

In 2008-2010 Ara Hayrapetyan became the Head of Legal Department of ISG Insurance LTD.

 After, Hayrapetyan cooperated with a law firm, where he mainly focused on corporate law, civil law, labor law, etc.

Currently, Ara Hayrapetyan is expert in legislative reforms of social sphere. He took part in the work on the creation of the legislative framework for a number of reforms implemented in the social sphere. From 2012 till present, Hayrapetyan has been cooperating with a number of prominent international organizations, including International Organization for Migration (Armenia Office), International Labor Organization (ILO), UNFPA, World Bank, Save the Children (Armenian office), World Vision International (Armenian office) etc.

In his practice, Hayrapetyan participated in drafting various laws and other normative acts, ranging from the reforms of The RA Labor Code, to making amendments in The RA Code of Administrative Violations, as well as, Hayrapetyan co-authored the RA Law on Social Maintenance, the RA Law on the Payment of the State Officials, the RA of Employment Law and other legal documents.

In addition, he provided numerous consulting and expert services related to the development of legislative packages, projects, the formation of concepts of legal acts, the provision of professional legal opinions, etc., as well as carried out other work aimed at ensuring the legislative field. 

Inga Sarafyan
Inga Sarafyan
Senior Associate/Lawyer

Law degree from Russian-Armenian University, Department of Law, 2007; Inga is a member of Bar Association from 2012.

Inga Sarafyan has more than 12 years work experience that includes consulting of international companies on broad range of issues.

Her practice is primarily focused on Companies Law, Contract law, Corporate law Civil law and Mining & Environmental Law.

During her career Inga practiced in different companies such as Concern Dialog Law firm and Magic Bread LLC. She is also worked in Invikta Law Firm.  She regularly advises companies and corporate groups operating in a variety of sectors at both national and international level, on commercial, civil and corporate law matters.

It should be stated that Mrs. Inga Srafayan has an extensive experience in advising financial institutions and corporates across a range of financings, secured lending, trade finance and project finance.

Ani Safaryan
Ani Safaryan
Junior Associate/Lawyer

Law degree from French University in Armenia, Department of Law, 2021. She practices in different areas of Law, in particular, in Administrative Law, Family Law, Civil Law, as well as in Intellectual Property Law. She is a fluent speaker in French, particularly in Legal French.




Gevorg Abajyan
Gevorg Abajyan
Junior Associate/Lawyer

Law degree from European University of Armenian, Department of Law, 2022. He practices in different areas of Law, in particular, in Corporate law and Civil Law. He is the youngest member of our team. He is a fluent speaker in Russian and English.


Mane Hovhannisyan
Mane Hovhannisyan
Junior Associate/Lawyer

Law degree from French University in Armenia, Department of Law, 2021. From 2019 to 2020, she completed an internship in the court of general jurisdiction of the administrative districts of Achapnyak and Davidashen. From March 2021 to April 2021, she completed an internship in the Department of control over the investigation of particularly important cases against the military service of the Central Military Prosecutor's Office of the Republic of Armenia.  She practices in different areas of Law, in particular, Civil Law, Criminal Law as well as in Civil Procedure Law. She is a fluent speaker in Armenian, Russian, English, and French.


Lilit Bakunts
Lilit Bakunts

Lilit Bakunts studies at YSU, Department of Law. Her area of practice is Civil Law, Administrative Law, Family Law, Bankruptcy Law, as well as Criminal Law. She is a fluent speaker in Armenian, Russian and English.

Why Hire Us ?

Why Hire Us ?

Our approach is distinctly innovative. Every client receives advice and representation directly from a specialist lawyer, combined with the level of service expected from a trusted law firm.

Exclusively Areas

Fidelity Consulting in cooperation with Affordable Advocates of HYASA Center, CA USA a non-profit organization provide expert legal advice and representation, directly to individuals and businesses, in relation to all aspects of USA immigration and investment laws, including issuance of visas. We combine the expertise and quality of the Bar, with the service levels of a trusted law firm.

Group Of Lawyers

True multidisciplinary collaboration requires people to combine their perspectives and expertise and tailor them to the clients’ needs such that the outcome is more than the sum of the participating individuals’ knowledge. By truly collaborating, a team of lawyers is able to address issues that none could tackle individually. Fidelity Consulting have a strong network of international law firms which stretches over Belgium, Cyprus, Germany, the Netherlands, UK, Canada and the USA.

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We are focused on the results

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